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My Mind

My mind – what is it?

When we use the term ‘mind’ we tend to use it to refer to intangible and metaphysical entities such as consciousness or unconsciousness (I feel as though I’m losing my mind), thoughts (I’ll apply my mind to it), feelings (that was mind-boggling), intellect (she has a sharp mind), opinion (we’re of the same mind), memory (it slipped my mind), attention (my mind keeps wandering) and the like.

These intangible entities are controlled by the biologically-based processes of the brain. The brain represents all of our knowledge, experience, memory, emotion and cognition. It is the control centre of our sensation and nervous system. It is our brains that enable us to think, talk, remember, anticipate, work, play and feel.

The brain is a hugely complex organ and the entirety of its functioning remains a mystery. What we do know, however, is that we need our brains to be functioning effectively in order that we can function effectively. The brain is the master-mind of the body. It constantly receives information through the senses and relays messages to the various parts of the body ‘instructing’ those parts to act or respond in a certain way. If this process is not working effectively things ‘go wrong’ as we find ourselves no longer in full control of our bodies.


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