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083 616 0162

Prostate Cancer Exhibition

Available in Johannesburg and Pretoria
For other areas travel and accommodation costs will apply

Space required: 3m

Prostate cancer affects more South African men than any other type of cancer: (1 in 23 SA men will be affected). In view of its massive impact on the lives of South African men it was deemed necessary to establish an organisation focused solely on the various issues relating to prostate cancer. The Prostate Cancer Foundation is a section 21 company whose vision is:

“Empowering South Africans through information and education, to act appropriately and minimize the impact of prostate cancer”.

We educate men on the role of the prostate in sexual health and the importance of annual screening to ensure the early detection of prostate cancer.

A variety of promotional hand-outs can also be purchased, the proceeds of which are used to further the work of the Foundation.

The Prostate Specific Antigen Test (PSA Test) involves taking a blood sample and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. It provides an indication as to whether a man has any prostate problems including infections and prostate cancer. It is essential that men obtain a base line score at the age of 45 if there is a history of prostate cancer in their family or at 50 if there is no history of prostate cancer. It is not only the score that is important but also the percentage by which it changes year-on-year.

The test involves taking a blood sample and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. All results are checked by a urologist and the results are delivered to each man in an envelope marked “private and confidential”. Patients are contacted telephonically by our urologist if further follow-up is required.

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Prostate Cancer Foundation Stand
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Johannesburg/Pretoria and surrounds

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