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My Health

My Health
This section has been compiled in order to provide men, their parents and partners with a guide to the physical and mental changes that take place in men from infancy through to old age. It also provides information on some of the more common  conditions that affect males of different age groups.


What you need to know about your son’s health in the important formative years until puberty.


The teenage years are characterized by the transition from boyhood to manhood. These can be trying times for parents and exciting times for boys.

Young men

Legal adulthood begins at 18 for South African males. However physical development for many young men may continue into their twenties.

40 somethings

Traditionally turning forty has been regarded by many men as the start of midlife. Whist some men may experience a so called “midlife crisis” many others will begin to enjoy the rewards that come from laying down a solid foundation in previous years.

50 somethings

As men enter their fifties they will begin to feel the effects of ageing even if they have looked after their health. This is a decade when health check-ups are essential in order to pick-up any problems in the early stages.

Older guys

Once you are sixty you officially fall into the category of being an older person. Looking after your health and keeping mentally sharp can help to counter the effects of aeging.