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My Life style

Everything you need to know about the basics to a healthy lifestyle.


We spend about a third of our lives working, so finding meaning in the work that we do can add considerably to our quality of life.


Recreation is essential. It can help us to de-stress and make us feel as though life is worth living.


We need a combination of cardiovascular and muscle strengthening activities for optimal health benefits.


If you want to enjoy good health then you need to know what to eat and how much to eat.


Understanding the basics financial planning can take way a lot of stress and ensure that there is enough for life’s predictable and unpredictable events.

Beliefs and Ethics

Our belief and ethics play a major role in the way that we understand and deal with the world and the people with whom we come into contact.

Fashion and Grooming

Our clothes and grooming create a visual impression that affect the way in which people perceive us.


Understanding the roles and role players in a family unit can help you to decide where you fit and if you even want to fit in.


Humans have a fundamental need to connect with others. Find out how to negotiate your way through the good and the bad that comes with all relationships.

Safety and Security

Some of us a in Southern Africa are living in areas where violent crime is a daily occurrence.Better to understand the dangers and to take reasonable precautions.