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Prof. Shingai Mutambirwa
Board member
Prof. Riana Bornman
Board member
Dr. Martin De Villiers
Board member


The Men’s Health association has been formed to address the key health challenges facing men living in Southern Africa. (The term “men” is used throughout the association’s documentation and communication to refer to males of all ages).

This includes physical, mental and social health challenges. The association is a division of The Health Society of South Africa.

For all men living in Southern Africa to enjoy optimal health.

Improve the health and wellbeing of men living in Southern Africa by facilitating and providing a conduit for information, resources and policy development on men’s health issues.


1. Awareness and Education
1.1 Provide scientifically accurate information on men’s health issues.
1.2 Participate in, and contribute to the ongoing social discourse about men’s health issues in the media, academia, and government and non-government sectors.
1.3 Review and consolidate research findings on men’s health issues and initiate research where resources are available.

2. Services to Healthcare Professionals
2.1 Provide continuing professional development on men’s health issues.
2.2 Develop and provide practical educational resources for healthcare professionals working in men’s health.
2.3 Encourage a holistic multidisciplinary approach to men’s health.
2.4 Promote best practise clinical standards for men’ health.
2.5 Provide a forum for healthcare practitioners to share knowledge and information on men’s health issues.

3. Policy and Advocacy
3.1 Work with government to develop effective resources for men’s health.
3.2 Assist with promoting best practices for men’s health within government healthcare facilities.
3.3 Advocate within all sectors for the appropriate provision of resources for men’s health.
3.4 advocate for the adoption of policies and legislation that are beneficial for the health and social wellbeing of men, especially those that are impoverished and disadvantaged.

4. Inter-Organisational Co-operation
4.1 Support the collaboration of all organisations, service providers, researches and policy makers working with men’s health issues.

5. Community Involvement
5.1 Promote the development of social environments which contribute positively to the health and social wellbeing of men and boys.


The Men’s Health Association is a division of The Health Society of South Africa which is a registered Non-Profit Organisation and non-profit company

Date of incorporation as a Non-Profit Company: 29 August 2005

Non Profit Company Registration No: 2005/030612/08

Registered as a Non-Profit Organisation as:
The Health Association of South Africa on: 19 August 2005

Non-Profit Organization Number: 042-990-NPO

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