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My Parts

Anatomy is the study of where things are situated in the body. Physiology is the study of how the organs and structures in the body work. It helps to have some basic knowledge so that you can tell when things breakdown.

You only get one body. Replacement parts are expensive and often in short supply. So it’s worth doing some day-to-day maintenance and going for regular services (check-ups).


For many men this is their most important body part. If you look after it, it can provide you with a life time of pleasure.


It’s a gland about the size of a walnut. It needs to checked for prostate cancer from the age of 40.


These are your testosterone and sperm production plant. You need to check them every month from age 15  for testicular cancer.


This is the sack in which urine is stored and we all know what a relief it is to empty it when it’s full.


This is the pump that pushes out blood to all parts of the body. Look after it, a broken heart can kill you.


Like any other part things can break. So don’t let problems mess with your mind, get help.


There are a lot of other important parts and in time we’ll get to them. So please be patient…….