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The Basics

The basics of looking and feeling sharp.

First appearances count. Our modern way of living in the hustle and bustle of a developing country like South Africa often leaves little time for attending to how we look, manage and present ourselves to others. Most mornings we simply get out of bed, do some basic ‘morning duties’ and then rush off to work. This is not to say our appearance should be perfect in order to please other people, but perhaps we should pay more attention to our grooming in order to pay some respect to ourselves and how we, as individuals, look and feel.

Despite the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the looks of thoroughly well- groomed hipsters, TV presenters and, frankly, the majority of today’s youth who have wardrobes the size of a 60s kid’s vinyl collection, this does not mean that we should let loose and care-no-more. Grooming does not mean you have to take a large chunk of time out of your day to stand in front of a mirror and attempt to keep up the with looks of the aforementioned ‘youth’. Rather, grooming means taking a little extra time and, more importantly, giving a little more thought to how you want to present yourself in the day-to-day business of living.

The rules of good grooming are fairly basic – stay fresh, keep your clothes clean, use (not overuse) cosmetic products, wear well fitting clothes and, lastly, keep your head up and body language sharp. It is often thought that in order to create a good impression you need only have layers of fragrance or perfectly trimmed eyebrows but this is not the case. Yes, making an impression is about good physical grooming but it also includes how you behave when you meet someone. Positive, open, friendly body language and self-confidence, as well as good physical grooming are both important when it comes to presenting a positive image of yourself. Smelling good, looking good, a firm handshake, a friendly smile, a confident greeting and yes, keeping control of your hair growth, all make a difference. If you don’t want to shave then keeping your beard or hair trimmed and shaped and clean is also good. Groom well to look well and also to feel well.

Fashion is another topic on its own and most 90’s kids these days all have their own definition of ‘the latest trend’. If we are honest, though, the latest trend is really just each person’s fickle definition of ‘what’s hot’. So how do we actually maintain good fashion sense? Well if there was an answer to that question then the whole world would look the same but here are a few pointers:
– Stay fit. How does that relate to fashion you might ask? Staying fit and exercising means that your physique has a good shape and having a good shape means that your clothes will fit your body well and give you symmetry.
– Make sure your clothes fit. Now that you are healthy and your body looks like iron-man wrapped in skin you need to shop for the right clothes that fit you well. If you go the extra mile to the tailor, well, then your ‘what’s hot’ opinion is disciplined and that’s a good thing.
– Simplicity. Strolling around with sneakers matched with board shorts and a blazer is creative but perhaps better suited to your son’s 21st themed party and less suitable for day-to-day wear. Keep your clothes simple, but also add some (note: SOME) spice to set yourself apart from your friends and colleagues.

So guys… fashion and grooming is easy, but we need to take the time and put in the effort to be individuals who have our own style. That style needs to be paired with a healthy body, a good diet and a good attitude all in pursuit of striving for Men’s Health.

W. Oberholzer