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Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Surgical Implants or Prostheses

This is highly specialized surgery performed by a urologist. It is important to find a urologist who is experienced in inserting implants. It is also important that the device that is used is from a reputable company that offers a guarantee.

Penile Implants
This involves the surgical insertion of a penile prosthesis into the penis. These prostheses are inserted into the spongy tissue of the penis. Once these prostheses are placed in the spongy tissue, the corpora are destroyed and cannot fill with blood. The erection then comes from the prosthesis itself and not from increased blood flow into the corpora.

There are 2 types of prostheses: malleable and inflatable.

Malleable Implants
The malleable types are rods that are inserted into the penis giving a permanent
erection. They can be bent up or down or even sideways.
Inflatable implants
The inflatable prostheses have cylinders in them and a valve mechanism which makes it possible to erect the penis and to make it flaccid again using this valve mechanism. The pump is surgically placed in the scrotum and is used to inflate and deflate the penile implant. All components are completely concealed, and the implant allows for the ability to have an erection suitable for intercourse at any time.

Problems that can occur after surgery include infections, mechanical failure of the device, curving of the penis, tissue damage to the penis and haematoma (blood clots).

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