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Erections and Age

As men age their erections are affected in various ways. Changes include the angle, the hardness and the ability to achieve another erection after ejaculation

Although erections can continue throughout a man’s life, their angle and degree of hardness change as a man gets older. As men get into their 40’s and 50’s they may find that it takes them longer to become erect and to get another erection after coming (ejaculating). The recovery time between erections is called the refractory period and it is normal for this to increase with age. Older men also require more direct stimulation (touching of the penis) before they can get an erection. This is quite normal and it is important to inform your partner of this.

As men age they are more prone to cardiometabolic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes etc. These diseases cause damage to blood vessels and this is likely to affect the quality of a man’s erection. This is why it is important for men to go for regular medical check-ups. The early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease can help to ensure good erections as men age.

Lifestyle choices that help to prevent cardiovascular diseases will also help to preserve erections. These include:
Not smoking
Regular exercise
Healthy eating
Maintaining a healthy weight

Adapted from: The SASHA Guide to Erections and Erection Problems. Smart D. © Ronin-Do (Pty) Ltd 2004.
Used with permission from the publisher

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