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Penis Shape

There are huge variations in the shape and appearance of men’s penises. This is the same as with other body parts, like ears and noses, and it is what makes each of us unique individuals. There is also no evidence that penis size is related to the size of any other body part.

Many men have a penis that curves slightly, either upwards, downwards or to the left or right. This is nothing to be concerned about. However, there is one medical condition in which a plaque or hard lump develops in the tissues of the penis causing it to bend to one side. This is a serious condition, called Peyronies Disease, which requires medical treatment.

Adapted from: The SASHA Guide to Erections and Erection Problems. Smart D. © Ronin-Do (Pty) Ltd 2004 and Know your manhood. Lissoos I. KYB Pocket Books 1984
Used with permission from the publishers

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