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Treating Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Psychogenic ED is caused predominantly by psychological problems and is curable. It requires referral to a sexologist or psychologist for psycho-sexual counselling.

After a full assessment by a medical doctor a patient may be diagnosed with psychogenic ED. This type of ED is caused predominantly by psychological factors. Pure psychogenic ED is curable as the condition is not due to physical reasons. The doctor who makes the diagnosis may refer the patient to a psychologist or sexologist for further treatment. The treatment may also include a prescription of medication to be used together with the counselling. However, using medication alone without dealing with the underlying psychological causes has a high treatment failure rate.
Developmental Issues and Personality Traits that may make a person more susceptible to sexual dysfunctions:
Introverted, anxious or antisocial personality
Non-typical development patterns in childhood
Being deprived of normal social interactions in childhood
Early sexual trauma or abuse
Some religious beliefs
Lack of sexual education
Recent or Current Factors that may cause or maintain sexual dysfunction in vulnerable individuals:
Anxiety or depression
Relationship problems in a couple including a partner’s sexual dysfunction
Performance anxiety
Loss of attraction for partner
Lack of sexual desire
Life stressors eg. financial problems, losing a job etc.
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