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Where do I go to seek help?

My mind - Who can help me when things go wrong?

Psychiatry is the study of mental disorders and their diagnosis, management and prevention. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have specialised in psychiatry ie. after completing medical school he then goes on to specialise in the study of the mind. He is able to prescribe medication and make medical decisions. He is able to treat patients on both an in-patient and an out-patient basis.

Psychology is the study of people: how they think, how they act, react and interact. Psychology is concerned with all aspects of human behaviour and the thoughts, feelings and motivation underlying such behaviour. A psychologist completes a 4 year graduate programme and then studies for a further 2 years to complete a Masters degree. He is not a medical doctor and so may not prescribe medication. He has specific training in counselling or so-called ‘ talking therapy’.


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